Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fire Soloing Eerkala in Eerem Gardens

I teamed up for Eerem Gardens, with the hope of doing it fast. As is the usual, something goes wrong, and it takes three times as long to get through it. On the second battle (the one with the Life djinn Nashkurgal), I received a critical hit from the Balance minion on the same turn my ally was set to kill the boss and minion with a Raging Bull. I died, didn't get credit for the kill, and would have to start the dungeon all over again. I decided to help my fellow wizard finish the dungeon, and then join again. We finished the fight, stacking a couple Feints, a Backdraft, a Fire Trap, and an Elemental Trap, finished off by Fire From Above (I think). Oh yeah, I put down Wyldfire which prompted Eerkala's blade cheat, so I got the Curse and big Weakness. Luckily, I wasn't hitting.

I joined another Eerem Gardens group that was already in progress, and unfortunately, they were past Nashkurgal, so again, I got no credit for completing the quest.

I finally just did it solo. Being lazy, I did it the hard way. That is so counterproductive. Each of the bosses before Eerkala only cast from one school. I could have tweaked my simple boss deck with the appropriate TC shields in the sideboard and coasted along, but instead, I went with the Power Link deck. I had some very unlucky rounds doing that.

My Powerlink deck is set up as follows:
6 x Powerlink
1 x Fire From Above
1 x Efreet
4 x Epic
4 x Colossal
4 x Empowerment
2 x Reshuffle
2 x Fireblade
2 x Feint
1 x Potent Trap

Yes, it's sloppy. The problems arise when you decide you don't want to drop cards when you have cards in hand you don't want to get rid of. My plan was to use the Powerlinks on the minion and boss until I had the Feints and Fire From Above in hand. Kill the minion down, while maintaining my health, then quickly hit the boss with the FFA and stacked Feints. It eventually worked out.

When I got to Eerkala, this was a GREAT deck setup. Well, except for the blades which I pitched when they showed up in hand. By not bothering to lay down any traps (until near the end), Eerkala wasn't able to boost her damage. Since I was solo, her fifth turn cycle cheat cast Diablo Qarin didn't do much damage to me. My health was constantly being refreshed by my heal dots, and the critical hits were a good bonus for those heals. I whittled her down until I got my Feints and Fire From Above in hand. The Empowerments really kept my pips full, so I was able to attack Eerkala either every turn or every other turn.

I did make a mistake in this battle. Which seems to be a theme for me...
I forgot to change my pet. My pet has may cast blades and traps. Ya, that's not good to have when fighting a boss that punishes you for casting blades and traps. The may-cast spells from your pet DO trigger the cheats here.

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