Monday, May 14, 2012

Briskbreeze Tower - Finale

Finally! But not solo. Maybe in another couple of levels and with more resistance gear, maybe I could solo Orrick, but I finally wound up being on a team that got him. Twice.

Team 1: Adrian Lightbringer, a theurgist accompanied me and Rachel Starsong (sorceress) into the tower. We easily ascended to the final boss, and I was explaining the plan when calamity struck. I rushed into combat. Why? I dunno. How often do mistakes like this happen? Probably all the time. I knew the plan, since I orchestrated it, and I even had the correct deck set up! Just not the one I had equipped. Nor had I topped off my life with a potion before starting. All battle long, I complained about screwing up. Eventually, Orrick pounded Adrian into mush, but what a beating he took! I'm sorry, Adrian. But Adrian was a good sport and actually found something out about the Tower which I had not been aware of. He couldn't port back into the battle, but he was able to physically run back in and rejoin our combat. I thought it would be locked out, but it was not! Thus he came back, healing us and allowing us to beat Orrick finally. Actually, Rachel and Adrian had already beaten him. Just not me.

Team 2: Later, when he came online, I told Kevin Bearwalker the news. I told him I was very game to do it again if he wanted, and he was. We raced up the tower easily and made it to Orrick. This time, we both reviewed our decks, talked about the strategy and dove in prepared. Kevin, a robust thaumaturge, has a secondary in Life school, so he had access to Legend Shield, dropping those as often as he could. I was casting  Quench on him, trying to keep two Quenches on at a time. A couple of meteor strikes did land on us. This was because, in part, Orrick went first in the turn, so he would beat me getting another Quench on him, but also, because I thought it would be easier to load Quench into my deck as well as having it in my sideboard. I forgot about the warning I had previously read... normal Quench and treasure card Quench are two different spells - both are consumed when the target casts a single fire spell. This got me the first time it happened, but later, I was juggling putting on one Quench at a time, which left me flat footed on a couple of occasions. Near the end of the fight, we intentionally let two more fire spells through to let me build up my hit. Kevin had gnawed Orrick down to 4100 health and then built up his power pips and blades. He then had to weather another 6 turns until I was ready, so he spent his excess pips on healing. On the designated turn, he cast a Colossus. I followed with my Efreet, and Orrick was done. Besides the minor miscues, we executed the battle exactly to plan, so it was a very big victory.

Kevin and I were pretty exhilerated with the thumping we gave Orrick, so we immediately went on to do the tower in Marleybone for the side quest to recover the Spiral Key (once mandatory to unlock Celestia). This actually was harder and more time consuming, but we downed both cheat encounters as well. Victory! I guess I'll write about that later in a follow-up post. Normally, these fights aren't things that should be a surprise to anyone looking up boss battles for Wizard101. But this Marleybone tower in particular, even after reading other listed exploits, cheats, and behaviors, I STILL don't understand all the mechanics for this tower. Who knows? Some may be scripted bugs that were never fixed, or more likely, implementations that just aren't fully understood by the players. My advice? Shield often, don't wait too long on heals. You never know.

- Slot one (Ice wizard) kept shields vs. death up
- Slot one used damage spells to wear down Orrick, but not below 4000 health
- Slot one used excess pips for heals
- Slot one used two blades (frost, elemental), one trap (elemental), one aura (Amplify), and balefrost for final attack with Colossus
- Slot two (Fire wizard) tried to keep two Quench spells on Orrick at all times. If doing this from sideboard, does not need to be a Fire school wizard, just make sure you have enough disposable spells in deck to keep drawing from sideboard. However, will use more pips being off-school. Used no more than 12 Quench.
- Slot two used three blades (fire, elemental, dark pact), two traps (elemental, fuel), and one aura (Amplify) along with a Giant on an Efreet
- Slot two needed to stop casting Quench to generate enough pips for final attack. This allowed Orrick to free cast one Heck Hound and one Meteor Strike.

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