Friday, May 4, 2012

Getting my Genie

I ran into a sticky situation when facing Sothmekhet, an ice boss in Kazhan Barracks. I just turned level 58, and was completing the quest chain to get my Genie spell. I jump in the battle, and this guy has over 15,000 health! Oh boy. So I do the standard thing and start putting up shields. Ah! He has a cheat mechanic... it goes like this. Any charm, ward, trap, or debuff you put up, he drops a free Hex on you. Does that mean you should not drop charms, wards, traps, and debuffs? No! It just means his attacks on you will be 35% stronger. I would forego the debuffs. Their effect is at best negated by his Hex, and if you are doing dispels, it's worse. He will hit you harder on the following turn. It was a grueling battle.

a user named aguirremarvin left this advice:
man that boss is so easy here are some tips on winning: 
1 kill the minion FIRST cause he storm so he dishes out strong attacks 
2 shield like crazy 
3 put up a wyldfire for boosts and that way he wont always cheat 
4 get your minion out to help and heal you 
5 do an epic 14 pip heckhound 
6( put some health spells to heal just in case) 
and dont get henchmen its just a waste i did this quest with just me and my minion. so to all the lvl 58 fire wizards out there yw cause if ya follow my strategy you will get efreet in no time at all.  oh and ps use the lvl 58 gear( i forgot the name of the gear) from the bazaar cause it resists ice and storm real good so it will be great 

I agree with most of what he says . Kill the minion first. Wyldfire is great, because you get only one Hex cast on you for it, but the effect remains up. Shield like crazy, indeed. A shield with a Hex on you is better than no shield and no Hex. I didn't use the minion, and I'm not sure about getting him out, because Sothmekhet regularly casts Blizzard. It might be a waste of pips and turns to get him out and keep him alive. Heck Hound is a great choice. You shouldn't waste time casting small damage at this guy. You will need health spells, even with lots of shields up. I've never bought henchmen, so I can't say whether this is a good idea or not. And the gear is what saved me, by the way. It's the common level 58 gear you find in the Bazaar, and it resists both storm and cold. When you finish a boss fight with 140 health remaining, you know that the extra defense is what kept you in the game.

I had no treasure cards set up for my fight; and had I known, I would have bought the following cards and stacked them in: Snow Shield, Satyr. Or if you don't have the money for Satyr, just Snow Shield. About 30 of them. Always keep two Snow shields up. Have healing. You will win as long as you don't run out of cards (use Reshuffle in your deck if necessary!).

And the final bit of advice I can give... always ALWAYS! look up a boss on the internet before you fight him. Wizards101 is a strategy game, and it's hard to use strategy without foreknowledge. I should have looked him up first. I beat him because he fizzled on his final turn. Consider that.

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