Monday, August 27, 2012

Odds and Ends, Prisms, Spell Drops, Pagoda Badge, Friends

Today, this will read more like a diary entry than anything. Just stuff I've experienced recently in the game.

1) I had tested this before, but I made a more pure test to be sure. PRISMS! You cannot keep setting up prisms as swaps. When I was trying to figure out how to get that million damage in one shot, I came across several assertions that you could "prism swap"... keep layering opposite school prisms with traps stuffed between to keep pumping up the damage. Not only do the traps you layer inside these "swaps" get ignored (if they are the exact same trap as those layered after it), but the prism itself cannot be counted if it already came up.

 So... This works (in order it was cast): Storm Trap > Myth Prism > Myth Trap > Cyclops (example of myth damage spell). The cyclops will be cast, the myth trap will be figured first, then the prism, then the storm trap for a big hit.

This works... but only up to the point above: Storm Trap > Myth Prism > Myth Trap > Storm Prism > Storm Trap > Myth Prism > Myth Trap > Cyclops. It will do the exact same damage, and leave the first four spells cast on it remaining on it.

2) This may only be news to some, but the following spells can now be learned by everyone. However, you have to farm the boss that "teaches" them over and over, as it is a rare drop for each. (from Stars of the Spiral blog
Shoji drops the Samoorai Spell in Shirataki Temple (First boss before lever)
Zaneki drops the Goat Monk Spell in Shirataki Temple (Air Shrine Boss)
Koto drops the Ninja Pig Spell in Cave of Solitude.

3) The bosses in the Midnight Sun Pagoda cheat. I haven't figured it all out yet. But the final boss (and I was only fighting the Tier 2 boss) had some sort of continuously popping shield that was supposed to be his halberd? Something. Because sometimes he gave a message about beating his halberd block and then his shield didn't come up. We don't know how. All I know is that I skated by with less than 200 health at the end of this. It didn't help that he was fire.

4) Rachel Starsong now is able to view my blog. Hi, Rachel!

5) A new friend showed me how to access my master account and password stuff. I never thought about it and didn't feel I needed it. But lo and behold! I now have full open chat, and the ability to gift. I am getting pretty tired, so I'm going to have to give details in my next odds and ends entry.

6) Trying to get sunstones still is... well, awful. Running around to all the worlds rich in stone blocks, realm jumping, opening up chests, etc. Very tedious.

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