Monday, June 9, 2014

Sorry for not posting in forever... (someone watches this!)

But guess what I've been doing? Same thing everyone seems to do recently... I run Loremaster over and over, hoping for a spell. It's fun to do, and perhaps a good way to build up a little gold if you need it, since it's rare to make an attempt that doesn't fill almost immediately with other spell seekers.

Admittedly, I haven't run it very often with Alexander. I have some other characters, namely Tyler and John, who have been running it far more often. Tyler is my Theurgist, and it's rather fun to go in healing everyone while they concentrate on doing damage (plus Tyler has a Feint item card spell). But really, John my Necromancer has done the most runs. The thought of getting a Deer Knight before ever setting foot in Celestia is very tantalizing. I do already have my Scarecrow, so it's not at all mandatory. I just like the choice of damage over time spells or drain spells hitting all enemies.

Unfortunately, the drop chance for the spells is very small. And attempting to get them on multiple characters is... not very likely. But the upside is that the battle is so quick.

Here's some strategies that I've noticed for getting the fights done with the best outcome.

If you're low level:
- It's probably a good idea to have a few powerful attack all treasure cards stashed into your sideboard in case you get the misfortune of being in a group with everyone being low level.
- Consider having Reshuffle in your deck.
- Bring a good amount of traps and blades that can be used by others.
- Because damage can be from any and every school, bringing a bunch of shields is counter productive. You'll be better off having half as many as heals, leaving your deck filled with cards more suited to taking down the enemies, including buffing your friends.
- Your blades cannot be dispelled. Others may use your traps, but that is a good thing!

For all players:
- The single worst thing about the encounter (other than every 3 or 4 turns someone being pounded for 600 plus damage by the Loremaster) is the amount of negative charms placed on you by the Font of Weakness. If you have the patience, keep putting on blades and save up a wand charge for getting rid of the negative charms without removing the blades. The weaknesses will affect Sorcerers more, and most players have the Font of Weakness as a priority target above all others (including the Font of Life).
- Saving up your attacks for large hits negate the power of the Font of Life.
- Don't be selfish! Traps for everyone! Blade up the obviously powerful wizard who has a lot of pips up. The sooner he hits big, the faster everyone's done.
- Play to your wizard's strength. If you're a Thaumaturge, get the Loremaster's attention on you. If you're a Theurgist, Rebirth and Satyr freely. Sorcerers are loved by all here with their extra blades.

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