Sunday, July 6, 2014

Extolling the Virtues of Sir Lamorak Tinder Hart

Now that Alexander is approaching 90, I'm looking through the worlds to find quests I had missed for the little extra bits of experience. To date, I now have gone through every world before Azteca and used the very helpful Quest Finder to make sure I had finished all the quests. I was missing 3 or 4 quests before doing this. One of those quests was for the Fire school minion spell Sir Lamorak.

You need to be level 75 and have done the quest line to learn Power Link, but let me tell you, once you do get it, this guy really shines! He's got 1700 health, which is so much more than your minions of old. You're fighting big hitters so he needs to at least survive a hit or two while he's out. He casts Fire school shields (Glacial Shield and Fire Shield) on both you and himself. He generates yellow pips frequently, so he can be effective nearly every turn. He likes to attack, though he will occasionally blade you or more frequently himself. For attacks, he can cast Heck Hound, Sunbird, Meteor Strike, Brimstone Revenant, Phoenix, and Fire Dragon. His hits are not inconsequential! He is very effective at whittling down either the boss or his minions. He will draw the ire of the enemies, which can give you some relief if you're getting low in health.

Sir Lamorak is like a better attack bot who will sometimes blade or shield you. The 5 pip cost for him has never disappointed me. He will dish out a lot more than 5 pips in damage and has saved me on a few boss encounters.


  1. How in the worlds did you get lamorak? I am level 96 fire wizard and I got lucky to even hear about it with a google search. I was originally trying to google that crazy death spell that does super damage to all. The death octopus. Crazy maan.

  2. Sorry I'm so late in replying. Hopefully, you've already gotten to this, but this is a level 75 class quest spell. The following link should help you with information how to get it.