Monday, June 22, 2015

I hit level 100 today

Well, yesterday. The funny part is, I didn't even notice right away. I looked at my energy to see if I had enough for some more pet games for training and saw that it was full. Sure enough, I had leveled (helping a friend against Atlach-Leng).

What's changed for me? My playstyle since getting back into the game has been less about shields and more about total resistance gear. It also means that my fights take longer because of that. Losing all the damage and critical bonus means it takes longer to get the big hits. I still haven't got a good feel for how much damage I'm doing. I'm being overly cautious and dropping a lot of blades and traps before firing, so I'm seeing a lot of overkill.

I'm debating whether I want to continue in Khrysalis to finish that world out, or move on to Darkmoor to hopefully get really good gear. The drops are no trade, which means random and lots of farming. The sooner I do that, the sooner I will be... ungodly? The gear is very very powerful.

I can currently solo Kravenly the Hunter, but it takes a good 20 minutes, plus the half hour to get to him... not very time effective. Soloing Kravenly gets you a chance for the flying squirrel pet, which can have Spell-Defy pet talent. The only other non-crown pet with Spell-Defy is the Dill Piggle, which you would get from the Spiral Cup Gauntlet. I own it, but have not yet ran the dungeon.

As a side note, is it just me? or is the Wizard101central site very slow to load? It has so much information, but with the slow loading, I sometimes just give up on searching for what I need.

Well, time to research Darkmoor and see how to run those battles.

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