Wednesday, December 7, 2016

More Fishing Tips

Hi all.

I'm so very bad at keeping up on this blog.

1) Clans have been put on hold. I play a lot, but at weird times, so I can't seem to get it together. Starting and maintaining a clan would take a fair amount of work and investment that I just can't do. Plus, I believe a clan may be against Kingsisle Terms of Service, so I need to explore that more.

2) Mirage enemies can hit hard. I've been hit for over 6,000 damage by a regular mob enemy. I've died at a boss on the same turn that my allies cleared the boss, twice. I wound up going in solo with resistance gear and shields just to be able to clear the boss.

Resistance, block, and shields are a necessity if you want to solo the content here. Storm has a distinct advantage in this world (at least in the starting areas) - being able to do third turn kills are really important. Perhaps my gear setup is wrong. A lot of people were surprised that I was having trouble. Well, I'll be able to say more to this when I finish the location.

3) Fishing! I've caught all the kinds of fish available so far. Two in particular were difficult to catch: Ecto Slime Skate and the Rhino Fish. Both had a tendency to evade being caught that was frustrating.

I told my friend Rowan that I would add my observations and tips for fishing (beyond what I had before), so here they are:

Further Fishing Tips!

- Catch as many different kinds of fish as you can early. The faster you level your fishing, the faster you can get more advanced lures which in turn help you catch even more fish faster.

- When you start looking for specific fish, research their level and school. You'd hate to be using your level 2 lure and finding out the fish was level 3.

- The winnow fish spells are almost always worth it, at least if you're looking for specific fish.

- Rare fish almost always move differently than the more common ones of the same school. This is extremely important and saves you energy. Example: you're looking for a Trigger Fish in Dragonspyre. You're looking at all the fire fish around, and there's 8 of them. You only have 14 energy left though. Enough for 3 casts of the level 2 fire lure. Should you just cast for the 3 closest and hope for the best? Watch those fish move! Trigger fish are a bit faster than the others in the water, and they zigzag a lot! It seems as a general rule that the rare fish are very fast or in a few cases extremely slow, much more than the fish around them. This is what helped me to catch the Ecto Slime Skate in the Baobob Crown. The Treant Fish are pretty slow. I would winnow life, look at all the fish around the platform for a fast one. If there were none, I would simply reset the area with the Summon Fish spell and winnow again. You might think that's a lot of energy to go through, but fishing out all the fish would waste a lot more energy.

- Fishing for specific fish can cost a lot of energy. It helps to be higher level (which also allows you into areas to get the higher level spells, or fish up more kinds of fish). You can also try for energy gear to help you out. Fishing is a marathon, not a sprint. If you're patient, don't bother with Summon Fish - revisit the fishing spot at a later time after you've fished it out so the fish will be replenished.

- Another energy trick is to fish when you're close to leveling. Fish as much as you can until you run out of energy. Turn in a quest or two, gain your level, then continue fishing with your replenished energy.

- Positioning is everything! Watch where other fish are around you, so that you don't wind up having fish swim into you while you're fishing for another. If at all possible, fish on the land, but if you have to be in the water, fish where fish aren't going to be for a minute or so.

- Don't cast for your target fish when another is swimming close by. You don't want to burn your energy hooking the wrong fish.

- When you cast and a fish doesn't seem to be biting, it could be you're not fishing where it prefers to look. I've noticed that fish tend to be one-eye dominant. If I cast a lure ahead and to the right of a fish and it just swims on past the hook, I will move slightly and cast again so that the lure will land ahead and to the left of it. The majority of time, it will turn to the lure. Sometimes casting directly ahead will work best. In all cases, if the fish keeps swimming, recast in a different location ahead of it (left/right/center) for a better result.

- Small Fry Multi-tank aquariums are great on conserving space. However, I find that it's hard to make out the fish they contain.

- Fish tanks stack nicely. They don't fit so snugly against each other though. When you want to display all your fish, think vertically.

- Fishing can net you a lot of gold, especially if you maintain a streak for Fish of the Day.

- Reminder: in some areas, it can be hard to make out when the bobber is actually submerged (like if you fish in a blind spot, which does occasionally happen). Play with the sound on, as you can hear the tone for when the bobber finally submerges. A single tap to the space bar and hope for the best!


Here is the original post about fishing:

After re-reading that post, I noticed I was frustrated with catching Sharkspeare. He's also in The Acropolis, so if you'd like to take a shot at fishing there to complete your quest, it should work. Remember that Sharkspeare is from the ice school.

Also, a tiny correction, which most veteran fisher people would know by now - if you lose a fish, you lose the level of the lure in energy (so losing a fish with a level 2 lure costs you 2 points, whereas catching it would subtract 4 energy).

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